23 Jul 12 at 5 am

Ghislain Cloquet - Cinematography for The Fire Within & Mouchette (1963, 1967)

Throughout Louis Malle’s psychological study of a young bourgeois’s suicidal ego, Le Feu follet , Cloquet related perfectly to the director’s style and rendered the symbolism of ordinary places, such as hotel rooms, taxis, or Parisian cafés. His partnership with Nouvelle Vague directors included films by Pierre Kast and Agnès Varda.

The latter’s husband, Jacques Demy, an atypical creator for his generation, requested from Cloquet a color photography very close to magic: Les Demoiselles de Rochefort and Peau d’âne , made a few years later, still enchant audiences over the world. During the same decade, Cloquet’s work also helped materialize some of the most relevant metaphysical films of this century. While shooting Au hasard Balthazar and Mouchette , he tried his utmost to satisfy Robert Bresson’s demanding mise en scène: the director wanted him to frame each shot as a sensual, dense entity inside which shades of daylight, raindrops falling over a countryscape or mysterious gazes from Balthazar, the sacred donkey, were supposed to be part of a spiritual visual event.


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